The Disaster Supply Kit – So what is this?

A disaster supply kit is just food and water, or is it?

So what is a disaster supply kit?

A disaster kit is a complete survival system that also contains medicine, tools, and other emergency supplies that increase your chance of survival.

Ideally, you should have 2 disaster supply kits. One large package with a complete kit that is close or at your home and one smaller emergency disaster kit placed permanently in your family vehicle.

The kit (or kits) at home should be the big one with a complete disaster kit with all the food, water, and equipment you need to survive over a more extended period of time. Remember you can revise and modify this kit and also expand as you learn more about this critical topic. The most important thing is to begin with the disaster kit, not to make a perfect one.

The one in the car is for events that you are unable to use the disaster supply kit at your home. Maybe the disaster doesn’t happen when you are home, and you are unable to get home? Or perhaps you and your family need to leave in a hurry? This emergency kit should be equipped with your most essential items. The critical things are canned and dried food, water purifying tablets (or other water purifying items) and maybe some small survival and multi-tools.

The most critical items in a disaster supply kit

Food and water are the most vital supplies in a disaster kit and the first you need to equip.

When you are stockpiling food, you don’t need to buy military-style food that you are unfamiliar with and never eat. Buy familiar food that is canned or dried, and also easy to open and consume. Remember the food need to be sealed, so you know this is dry and healthy when in need.

In a disaster, you will try to live as normal as possible. Familiar food can help you mentally and be a welcome distraction from a challenging situation. Military style food that you never eat can be more stressful for you and your family.

To use canned and boxed food is the easiest way to equip your disaster kit, but remember you have more options you can use later. Knowing how to preserve food is an important skill to have for both your kit and in a disaster. Homemade preserved food is also healthier than factory made food. And hopefully, it will also be tastier.

What type of food should be kept in a disaster kit?

Dried ham is great for your disaster kit
Dried ham. Great food to store.

It will be hard to find the perfect food, but try to find food that is nutritious, high in calories and easy to consume. If you can easily store it again is also great. Try to equip your disaster kit with food for your family for at least 10 days.

Chocolate bar

Also remember to store some chocolate. It tastes good, is small and has lots of calories that will give you energy for a long time. Roal Amundsen that was the first man to explore the polar regions had stockpiled a massive amount of chocolate that he ate daily.

Some survivalists have stashed food that they can eat for up to 6 months. This sounds excessive, but the critical point is that you’re preparing for uncertain conditions after a disaster. You never know what happens and having plenty of food is essential when you are preparing for an emergency. If you also are using food that you can use in your daily life, you can periodically replace the food before it expires on the date. The cost of the food will not be wasted and you will keep your stash in good shape and be familiar with it. But remember to buy new food BEFORE you use it.

Trust is important

During a disaster, you and your family need to trust each other. Both on what you should do and the knowledge you all have. I highly recommend that you speak to them about the disaster kit, so you implement all the necessary equipment you and your family need.

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