Preparing your family and yourself for disasters

We always think that disasters are something that happens to others. We see all the time on TV that there are disasters, but still, this is something that always happens to others. And for most of us, this is true. But what if this happen you? Is preparing your family and yourself for disaster something you should do?

Why prepare for a disaster?

Since we know a disaster is happening regularly, this can happen to us. To prepare is not necessary much work or cost much. The most important thing is water, food, and shelter. You insure your house in case of disaster, so you should you not prepare your self and your family for a disaster? When there is an emergency, you and your family will thank you for the little effort you need put into this.

What to plan for?

You need to talk with your family and decide what kind of disasters is most likely to happen. Someone living on the coast needs to prepare differently than someone living in the middle of the country. Will it be difficult to get food or water, then you maybe need to store more of it. Do you live in a warm climate? Then you don’t need to pack so much clothing in your kit. You and your family need to decide what suits your needs based on where you live and what your needs and possible disasters are.

Start small

It’s easy to start with a worst case disaster, and you make a massive plan with a complicated disaster kit. This will make it expensive to begin with and much work. I think it’s better to start small and expand as you have reached your goals. At least you have something working at once.

So start with a plan and what you should plan for. Let’s say you start with a 3-day survival kit. This is usually something you should start with. What do you need in this kit? Write it down and make that the first goal. Maybe you also want food and water for 2 weeks? Then this is your second goal. This way you have a working survival kit very soon.

And remember. Water is usually inexpensive for most of us. We always need to eat, so a storage of food that we need to eat and replace before its too old is not much work.

Preparation is also about knowledge

It’s easy to get hung up on the physical aspect and always think about storage of food and water, but forget the knowledge you need. Maybe there are bomb shelters in your neighborhood, but you don’t know about them? You injure yourself, but don’t have necessary medical skills that every person should know. MAybe change some routines regarding fuel on your car. What is the point with the car, if your almost out of gas if a disaster happens? A habit of filling gas when the car is half empty is an easy routine to implement. You need some knowledge, and we want to help you with this.

Children in a disaster

With children, you need to be calm and stay together. If you split up, children will often be more afraid, and we don’t want or need to put extra worries on your children. You also want to stay calm. You can’t get your children calm and behave rationally if your self is not calm.

Everyone like the feeling of having control. So give your children chores and provide them with responsibility will often calm them down and get the thoughts from what has happened. And if you have much to do and think about, they will help you!

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