About Us

Guide me to survival is about preparing for a disaster and how to survive them.

A disaster, both natural or human-made disasters happen rarely, and most of us will not experience one. Even the hurricanes people can experience is usually limited regarding human lives and injuries. But disasters happen, we see it on TV and as long they can happen, we need to take the necessary action and prepare for them. We have insurance in our house against disasters so we should also do the required steps to protect our lives if a catastrophe happens.

As a father of two children, this is something that is important to me. I’m not alone anymore and need to think how to protect my family and me. My team and I will research and write about what to do before a potential disaster and what to do afterward.

We are still early in this process and have much work to do, but our goal is to be the place where you can find all the latest and best information regarding disaster preparedness and survivalism.

Guide Me To Survival